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Keeping it Real!

I’m going to steal an idea from one of my new favorite blogs, northcarolinacharm.com, which says to tell five things you’re lovin’….of course it’s supposed to be done of Friday, but I’m late (no shock there!). ☺  In honor of my life, I’m going to focus on five loves that involve keeping it real!



Evenings are crazy at our house, especially now that the light is lasting longer!  Between homework, ball, farming, and just having fun together, we’re not interested in spending a lot of time cooking dinner!  Our hot dogs are the perfect solution for this problem, because they are ready-to-eat, free of anything gross, and delicious!  I cook mine from frozen, just popping out the number I want, heat up in a pot of water, and serve!  Bush’s vegetarian baked beans are the perfect side (no mystery pork in my beans!) for this yummy dinner.  Note: Our hot dogs are huge; pictured is only half a hot dog!



IMG_2139[1]We are blessed to have a lot more time together than some families.  I work around the kids’ school schedules, which allows me to be in the carpool line and hang out with them at home in the afternoons.  Shawn’s schedule isn’t always so flexible, but he is AMAZING at finding quality time with the boys.  This picture was taken one morning, before school, as he and Blake were flying a model airplane. I heart this picture.

Where’s Eli?  We are not morning people and were still inside getting ready! 😉




Our pigs are really pastured….I mean REALLY pastured. ☺ Frankly, they are spoiled rotten, because they have access to the entire farm!  Here they are, enjoying some leftover pecans from last season, along with some roots, bugs, grass….who knows?  It makes me happy…until they make it into my yard and I have to chase them away from my flowers! ☺



I found the best cleaning tip on Pinterest this week!!!  I can’t find the pin now, so apparently I didn’t save it, but it was so easy!  Sprinkle baking soda on the grout, spray with hydrogen peroxide, let bubble for a minute or so, brush with a stiff bristled tooth brush, and wipe clean.  IMG_2218[1]


Look at my before and after shots!  Amazing!



The below picture is a trick I learned by mistake!  My youngest son opened my sister’s face wash and left it on its side, so it ran down our tub.  When I discovered it and rinsed it off, that part of the tub was sparkling white!  We have a very old tub, that is missing the smooth part of the porcelain, so I have an awful time getting it white.  Not anymore!  I buy a bunch of the Walmart version of Neutrogena’s face wash, let it sit in our tub overnight (or all day) and rinse off!  I failed to take an after picture, but it sure does shine! ☺




I have been introduced to a community of women who are enriching my life!  I already mentioned Christina, whose blog led me to the “5 on Friday.”  Left, is  Jean, our Animal Welfare Approved egg producer! She takes care of her adult son, disabled in a car accident, watches her grand kids, manages a house, and gathers her pastured chicken eggs hourly….yes, hourly.  She is an example of strength, grace, & motherly devotion..and she will make you laugh! (We don’t make her sell her eggs outside; she also sells at the Locust Farmer’s Market!)



Lindy Sellers is a blogger from Stanfield, and I’m still not sure how it took me this long to meet her!  She teaches her own children, makes a ridiculous amount of delicious jam, bakes fresh breads, manages a blog, podcasts, and writes for a local newspaper, all with the charm of a southern belle!  Nicole and I are now addicted to her vanilla bean-blueberry & rosemary-peach jams!



Sara, of Le Savon, walked in our doors as a customer but we quickly snatched her up as a vendor! ☺  I’ve dreamed of making lard soap for awhile; she had the expertise of soap making and the desire to try lard; so a partnership arose! Her knowledge of oils, herbs, and scents is just amazing, and her soaps are always a hit!


It takes me waaay to long to complete a post; I don’t know how others do it! ☺ -Jenny



Inspired by…



It’s still Customer Appreciation Month for one more week!  We’ve saved some of the best for last, so read on, friends!


Did you know that we have a Customer Rewards program?

 Just create a login and pw at thenakedpig.com and start earning!  Already have an account and shop online?  Then you have rewards!  Click to learn more!


Cary Club!

Live near Raleigh, NC?!  our “Naked Mobile” is coming to Cary, this Sunday!  Email us for more information: hello@thenakedpig.com (Don’t worry, I will not ride up in the gator!) ☺

bull-David's side


By working with our friend, Gary, who raises his cows like we do, we are now able to keep a good supply of steaks!!!  SO DON’T MISS OUT!  Our filets have been described as “Better than (fill in the name of a REALLY upscale steak restaurant)!!!” and are “able to be cut with a fork!”

5459.00 Maple Bacon Beer Burger_pwmbeefitswhatsfordinner

Headed to the beach….or just like to grill?!?!  

Check out our new BEACH BUNDLE!!!  It is a ridiculously good deal and chocked full of your favorites!!! Stock your freezer, take a trip, or invite some friends over! ☺

pie crust

Tub ‘o Lard is back by popular demand!  

You can still purchase our 16 oz glass jar (1/2 lb of lard), or choose the 28 oz size (~1.5 lbs leaf lard), which is perfect for bakers and soap makers!  This last batch was made with only the leaf fat, which is the purest form of fat.  It is prized for its creation of flaky crusts and extra yummy biscuits!


If you’re buying chicken stock, let me challenge you…

..cook a bag of pork bones in the crock pot for 24 hrs with water and seasoning!  You’ll end up with about 2 cups of shredded pork and several cups of mild bone broth!  This, nutrient-dense broth, will work in any recipe that calls for chicken broth or stock, and the meat is a great substitute for chicken!  Right: Made this “chicken” casserole with shredded pork and homemade broth!




Are you missing some of your favorites?!?

Just because you don’t see something, such as lamb or salami, doesn’t mean you’ll never see it again! Learn more!




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Did you know Stanfield is home to a best-selling author, sweet SWEET lady & entertainingly informative blogger?!? We had the pleasure of hosting her, earlier this week, and Nicole and I felt like we’d always known her!   Meet Lindy Sellers!


I’ll leave you with some photos from the week…Come see us, Th-Sa 10-5! 704-485-2258

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Let Us Spoil You!

beer brats.jpg


25% off BEER BRATS!

(Made with pork & beef, but without the junk or mystery!☺)

You don’t need a recipe, because you just tear open the easy-open pack and you’re done!  BUT, they’re great on a bun with our hot dog chili!  When these are gone, they’re gone, so stock up!!! Great in your freezer for 6 mos!


From Nicole’s Kitchen:

The girl is on fire!  She’s a meat eater now, people!!!  I haven’t exploited her transformation too much….YET, but I will.  ☺  She’s also cooking up a storm, and has this great tip for you:

Our bone-in ham roasts are SO versatile & become whatever you want of them!   They’re great as tacos, barbecue, seasoned with garden herbs…..YUM!  Just cook in the crock pot on low for 6-8 or high 3-4, with at least 1 cup of liquid.  For tacos, Jenny does water, juice, or soda, a can of diced green chiles, and a jar of salsa.  That’s it!  For barbecue, she does soda and barbecue sauce (1 c ea).  For garden herbs, she prefers apple juice or water, herbs, and cut up onions.

25% off for



I hate cIMG_1933ancer; I think most people do.  I lost both parents to cancer. Pictured is my friend Susan who died 6 mos ago.  I have a friend who has been cancer free for years now, and  another friend who is fighting as we speak.

I hate it.  However, there are people also fighting, as we speak, to find cures for all types of cancer.  I love this.

We have partnered with other local businesses to “Paint Oakboro Purple” to raise money for Relay for Life.  My uncle Bob used to help with the American Cancer Association, and they’re a great organization.

If you wish, please vote for our door and support Relay for Life: the link takes you to our site where you can donate $5.00 (or more!) ☺ Tell us for whom you, “Paint, and we’ll add their name to our display!  You can also donate in our store THURSDAY 10-5.

See you soon!


Customer Appreciation Month!

Jenny’s Kitchen:

Shawn loves leftovers, so this week I’ve been on a mission to make casseroles.  They’ve been a hit!  I’ll post the recipes soon, so go ahead and buy 6 boneless pork chops, 1 pack deli ham, 2 pounds ground beef, 1 pound ground pork and 1 pound chorizo!

My favorite, thus far, is the Pork Cordon Bleu.  Turns out “Cordon Bleu” refers to meat wrapped around cheese, so chicken doesn’t own the name! ☺

Pork Cordon Bleu (ham, pork loin)

The recipe was inspired by one I had seen in a magazine, but theirs was for chicken and used frozen potatoes.  Any leftover shredded pork will work for this dish.  Of course when I need leftovers I have none, so I had to cook my pork for the dish. ☺


Specials all month, online and in-store!  Th-Sa 10-5

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  • Pork Hot Dogs

  • Beef Hot Dogs

  • Kielbasa Links

  • Sliced Ham

  • Sugar-Free Bacon

  • Steaks

  • Beef Bones



Spring Pictures & Great Food!

Our non-GMO feed farmers! ☺ Landon & Shannon Barrier of Barrier Farms in Mt. Pleasant, NC!
Our pork spare ribs were so easy and awesome!!!
Beautiful Camilla blooms from Shawn’s grandmother’s bush. I floated them in water like my mom used to do. ☺
Local chard (Thanks to Tim!), Brussels sprouts, & sliced chops…roasted! Delicious!  I did 350° for 45 minutes, but should’ve upped the temp; the crispy parts are the best!
Cute corn holders from my sister’s MIL, Mrs. Kaliner! ☺
Couldn’t resist this cute photo-op!
Not so cute. The pigs are taking “pastured” to include our backyard!
Cute. ☺ Here are our lil’ farmers….not really that much into it, but maybe in time. ☺
I got two cups of meat (shredded itself!) off of my bag of pork bones!!! Can’t wait till they’re back in stock!
Made this “chicken” casserole with my shredded pork and homemade broth (I just saved the broth after cooking the meat to the left). It was SO good!  For the broth: Cook any bone-in pork in a crock-pot (seasoned as you’d like) for 24 hours on low; remove meat and save, toss bones, and put broth in mason jars.
They’re baaaaack!  And WAY too close to Elsie’s daffodils, which are slightly to the right.
Oh, wait – Is this not how you dress when you have to put back Mamma and her babies?!?! Ugh. Getting in my car when I spotted them.
Pigs are back and I made it to girls’ night! My sister and I have been friends with Annie for 33 years!!!
Ha! Who knew pigs like Hot Wheels?  Maybe she’s “shopping” for her babies; I thought this was funny!
Blake did not. This is his angry face (I’m so lucky!). He said, “Not my NASCAR! It’s got pig mud on it!”
Really?!?! This weather has the pigs wanting to roam. Geez. And see that green pillow? Great Pyrenees are known for “redecorating.” Reba took that off our outdoor couch!
Oh my. Here’s proof of what we keep saying:  Reba is awake but not at all interested in sending this pig home. Of course, when she actually tried to the other day, it got an attitude with her!
Pigs home, Shawn building a new fence, boys playing cars (I taught them to draw chalk roads like Christy and I did when we were little!)….
…and I’m on my computer, beside them, enjoying this gorgeous sunset!!!!

Easter hams will be here Saturday, but we have a very limited number, so reserve yours NOW!  Prefer an uncooked ham? Go for it!

Deli ham will also be back in stock (also great for Easter…and sliced!) and so will our sugar-free bacon!



Pork Belly, cut into approximately 1 lb squares…My mistake (I thought block meant they were going to trim the belly into one big block! ☺) is your gain!  These are perfect for braising, making your own bacon, or cubing and salting to season veggies!

Bone-in Pork Chops that have small loin eyes (the main “chop” part) or a broken vacuum seal (won’t last for 6 mos in freezer) are still delicious!  They are perfect in a crock-pot and served over veggies!  They also make great barbecue for one or for several; just add chops, sauce, and a cup of liquid to your crock-pot and cook on low 6-8 or high 3-4.  Remove bone, shred, and serve on buns!  Note:  Enter coupon code “SLE” for 15% discount. Limited stock.  Coupon only valid one time per customer. Maximum 2 chops per order. Coupon only valid for chops with small loin eye and/or broken vacuum seal.


We are out of stock of:

  • pork & beef bones
  • filet Mignon
  • NY strip
  • hot dogs
  • sweet Italian

We know this is frustrating, but we appreciate your patience and understanding.  We are working with another farmer, who raises to our standards, to be able to supplement our supply of bones and steaks, so that you won’t have to sacrifice!  ☺ These products will be available in a few weeks, as will the hot dogs and sweet Italian, so stay tuned for the announcement!








Do you know???

blog - reba…that this is the laziest farm dog in the world, albeit she is the sweetest giant you’ll ever meet!


…that my sister’s Pistachio Crusted Pork Chops are AMAZING! Try out her recipe, found in our cookbook on page 36!


…that this pig (and the friends she later brought with her) discovered my garden last year and ATE IT ALL!!!  I was happy for them but not for us, because Eli did not get his watermelon and I was really excited about corn on the cob!


…that our hot dogs are free of any mystery, unlike most links you’ll find elsewhere!  So, enjoy them for dinner, and pack them in a Thermos for lunch the next day!

muddy blake 10.14.15

…that farming is dirty work!!! ☺

…that you can make pork stock with our bone-in pork chops, and you’ll end up with delicious shredded pork as a bonus!

blog - sheep

…that we still have some lamb left!  But, it won’t last so stock up!